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Published 2 years ago

A year after her passing, a sketch of Hyuro got painted by Helen Bur and Faith47

A year after her passing, a sketch of Hyuro got painted by Helen Bur and Faith47

A touching tribute to Hyuro by Helen Bur and Faith47 in Angers, France.

Hyuro was solicited in May, 2020 to perform an artwork in Angers, France, where the festival "Echappées d'Art" is organised. The organiser explained on Instagram the progress leading to producing the artwork.
After exchanging messages, Hyuro explained her approach for this sketch she preferred:
"The concept of the wall which I like most is a kind of celebration of life, there for the reading can work out with the actual moment we are living, with my personal situation which make it very special for me and to start, because I read an article, which stayed strongly on my mind, which title was "Angers and the sweetness of living", it was a recently written article talking about the simple nice things of this city. The idea are two figures dancing while sharing a beautiful blanket, one figure in each wall, you will see it clear in sketch, but I am happy with that idea since months now."

Hyuro's sketch

Tamara Djurovic, known as Hyuro was then in treatment for leukemia and sadly passed away a few months after, last November, leaving her admirers heartbroken and this project undone.
But this year, the organisers reached out to her close friends Axel Void and Escif to try and bring her idea to reality. They recommended to work with Helen Bur and Faith47 to do so.
"Douceur de vivre" (Sweetness of living) is now a stunning mural envisioned by Hyuro and painted a few weeks ago by Helen Bur and Faith47 in Angers, France (rue Valdemaine in the city center).
"It felt strange and difficult to try to mimic Tamara’s sketch that she had planned for these walls. So elegantly thought out with her poetic sense of space and metaphor."